24 Hour Emergency Tree Service

Trees are wonderful additions to a yard. They provide shade to keep your home cool in the summer as well as block high gusts of wind. However, some trees may present more danger than benefit. 

a tree trunk damaged by lightning

A dangerous tree can often be difficult to define. All trees have the potential to cause harm if they break, fall, or become uprooted due to a severe storm. Large trees or ones that may lean slightly shouldn’t automatically be labeled as an immediate threat. Dangerous trees are those that pose avoidable risk including ones weakened due to storm damage or disease. These can fall or lose limbs, causing property or personal damage. Removal may also be necessary if the root system begins to encroach upon a permanent structure causing cracks in retaining walls or foundations.

a tree blown over by a storm

Branches hanging above power lines can be very hazardous. The risk of power loss, fire, or even electrocution makes removing a tree near power lines very dangerous work. Call us to remove a tree you suspect is at risk of falling across wires. We will gauge the tree’s position relative to the power line and remove the tree carefully, pulling it in the opposite direction.

If your property has suffered damage due to a fallen tree, or you suspect a tree on your property of being dangerous, call us. We provide 24 hour emergency service to remove dangerous or fallen trees, clear roads and driveways, and provide storm cleanup.

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